Monday, 5 September 2016

Time for sausage

Just got back from the cinema having been to watch 'Sausage Party' at Vue in Cambridge.
Met up with the boy in the Grafton Centre, bought the tickets, and enjoyed the guilty pleasure of a bacon double cheese XL meal from Burger King until it was time to go in.
The big surprise was the seats - enormous leather electric recliners - a far cry from the usual bum-numbing flip-up rubbish in the Cineworld we usually go to in Huntingdon.

Sausage Party is definitely not for those of delicate sensibilities. It's crass, vulgar, stupid and in-your-face outrageous, not to mention being full to bursting with peurile sexual innuendos.
I enjoyed it.
I enjoyed it even though the cast includes Seth Rogen who I find so obnoxious I firmly believe there's a whole new circle of hell waiting for him, and if I'm unfortunate enough to see him in a film a disturbing homicidal urge begins to rise within me.
Luckily Sausage Party is just an animated film so I didn't have to look at him.

The story (such as it is) is pretty pathetic, and some of the jokes are a bit close to the mark for comfort even for me, but provided you enjoyed things like 'South Park', 'Paul', and perhaps the 1975 film 'Jungle Burger', it's worth a look.
However, if you're part of any sort of minority and a bit thin-skinned about it, or if you're a bit of a prude, or object to a movie that possibly contains more fucks than any other, then it's probably best avoided.