Friday, 8 April 2016

Kick 'em when they're down, why don't you?

Although we in Britain are Olympic standard grumblers, we don't really have all that much to be so negative about.
We have a roof over our heads, clothes on our back and food in our stomachs.
Most of us have jobs, cars and with a bit of luck a decent state of health.
We have the benefit of a National Health Service (even if it is in a bit of a state), relatively low crime rates, and we're unlikely to be dragged from our homes in the night by armed gangs never to be seen again.
Some people do fall on hard times of course.
Some aren't fortunate enough to get a good start in life, some fall into bad company and habits, and a tiny minority are just bad to the core.
For the most part though, most are decent people with varying degrees of social or economic success.
But just because someone has ended up at what is likely to be considered the bottom of the pile, doesn't mean they deserve their situation. Perhaps it could be argued that the odd one has got their just desserts (although every level of society has its arseholes) but you certainly can't assume that everyone whose life has hit rock bottom is an unworthy bottom-feeder.

However, it appears that my sentiments are not shared by everyone.
I've just been reading that Worthing council is proposing to fine homeless people fifty pounds for begging, and frankly I'm appalled.
Not many people are homeless by choice, and when life has dealt you so many shitty hands that you've ended up with nowhere to live, no food to eat but what you can scavenge, and reduced to begging loose change from strangers on the street, it's hard to imagine how life could get much worse in a supposedly civilised society.
Then along comes an officious prick in a hi-viz jacket demanding fifty quid they can only dream of having.
As if life wasn't tough enough, they're now branded a criminal with a police record, making it even harder for them to find work or a place to lay their head at night.
Well thanks very much, Worthing council, that's very charitable of you.