Thursday, 31 December 2015

Where did 2015 go?

It's new year's eve. Time to wave goodbye to the outgoing year, put up a new calendar and do it all over again.
The trouble is that apart from having our 20th wedding anniversary, I'm struggling to remember anything significant that has happened over the past twelve months. Yet again it seems to have been an endless cycle of work, eat, sleep, interspersed with random attempts to alleviate the boredom.
Maybe I should think a bit harder to see if anything can be dredged up from the cesspool of my mind.
I completed a management course at work, which was at times tough but ultimately satisfying, I met up with friends in London that I hadn't seen in quite a while, I've successfully expanded my belly to the point where a gym membership is in order, and on a rare trip to the cinema recently I discovered that the new 'Star Wars' movie is absolutely friggin' awesome.

It would also appear that I've been extremely successful at ignoring the news.
Last night we sat and watched a programme on Channel 4 about 'What we bought in 2015', because it looked as if it would be an interesting insight into the world of those easily led by trends and advertising. Predictably it was a parade of overpriced pointless crap that people convinced themselves would improve their lives, coupled with a raft of items that proved some people will buy any old shite if it's endorsed by a 'celebrity'.
While the programme was mostly devoted to the shortcomings of the terminally suggestible, there were also passing mentions of events that occurred throughout the year.
This is where I became confused and asked the wife questions such as "Do we no longer have a coalition government?", and "When did William and Kate have a second kid then?".
Clearly I've detached myself so efficiently from news I don't care about that even things that perhaps I really should have some knowledge of are slipping through the net, leaving me in a state of blissful ignorance.

On the other hand, things I'm interested in are constantly under scrutiny - sometimes obsessively.
Although I may not have realised why Nick Clegg has been so quiet lately, at least I know that the United Nations conference on climate change failed miserably to tackle the issue of methane from animal agriculture, which contributes 55% of greenhouse gases - more than all fossil-fuelled transportation including cars, planes, ships etc put together.
In other words, Daisy's farts are killing the planet an order of magnitude faster than an Overfinch Range Rover, so it seems odd that the Rangey driver is public enemy number one while the local burger joint is bereft of placard-waving environmentalists. Surely a distraction technique worthy of Houdini himself.

So as we prepare to screw up the 2015 calendar featuring amusing vegetables, and replace it with one that has soft-focus photos of fluffy animals, I can't help but wonder if the coming year will be an improvement on the one I've just had and apparently forgotten.
If nothing else I think I shall spend the coming year finding a decent calendar for 2017 that has pictures of something more interesting on it like gunship helicopters or drifting.

Drifting. More exciting than the usual calendar subjects....