Sunday, 24 August 2014

The power of boredom

A few weeks ago the wife announced that she was fed up with doing the food shopping, planning meals and cooking. This information didn't bother me in the slightest, because I saw this as my opportunity to take the reins and try to inject a bit of variety and creativity into mealtimes.
Don't get me wrong, it's not as if I don't participate in the whole cooking thing, far from it; I'm very enthusiastic about it and usually make dinner about half the time.
The added excitement for me is that it gives me something different to focus my mind on during the times when boredom has led me to moping about the house before giving up on finding anything interesting to do and resorting to looking at T&A on the internet. Now I have the inspiration to research recipes and ideas, plan a few different meals to supplement the usual suspects, and exercise the previously underused creativity.
A side effect of this newly enhanced enthusiasm has been an unhealthy interest in kitchen gadgets and gizmos, with any outing to the shops ending up with the need to find a home in the already crowded kitchen cupboards for a pasta machine or whatever.
Luckily, the success rate since the inception of the new regime has been pretty good overall, using the boy's rate of progress and emptiness of plate as a useful barometer.
Caution has to be exercised when it comes to desserts though, as excessive creativity results in the wife complaining about an expanding waist line. Therefore I have to limit having calorie-laden puddings to just once or twice a week because frankly it's easier than exercising portion control.
Yesterday I made a new variation on my ever-popular Mars bar cheesecake recipe, using crushed ginger-nut biscuits for the base, with the topping containing cream cheese, white chocolate and lime. The benefit of my cheesecakes is that they're usually on the rich side, so it's possible to make them last two days provided I hide them at the back of the fridge behind the machine gun nest.
Another result of actually getting off my arse and doing stuff is that I've been inspired to have a go at craft-type stuff that I'd never been bothered to try before. A quick look on the web gave me the idea to investigate 'decoupage', so having liberated an old wooden school chair from work that was destined for the skip I set about it with only a vague idea of what I was doing, but the end result can possibly be described as 'interesting'.  The seat and backrest are now a decoupage of black & white pictures of hot (in my opinion) actresses, with the frame contrasting in bright red, and I think the finished product is quite striking even though it won't to be everyone's taste. Unfortunately it would appear that finding somewhere I'm allowed to install it may be a problem.
I wonder how many other things I can ruin before I'm told to go back to being bored......