Thursday, 2 January 2014

Let him entertain you

Awoke early this morning from yet another crappy night's sleep, having been awoken at regular intervals by the gimpy leg - feeling like it belongs to someone else and yet is pushing all the discomfort and twitchy buttons in my own body.
Knowing full well that any chance of another hour or two was nothing but a fantasy, I decided to leave the wife to catch up on her own lost hours (mainly due to my fidgeting, but partly due to her own bouts of snoring that could easily have emerged from a champion truffle hunter) and took myself off to the sofa where I picked up the tablet and began trawling through the BBC's news pages.
Sifting carefully through all the doom and gloom about how awful 2014 is going to be because we're all apparently going to drown under a tidal wave of immigrants, I stumbled upon an article about a guy who'd written a letter to an airline company to complain about being forced to sit beside a morbidly obese man during a flight. Apparently this letter had become a big deal, so having found that the writer - Rich Wisken - was a blogger I figured that further investigation was required.
Quickly finding that the letter in question was the tip of an iceberg of 'Titanic' proportions, I immersed myself in the straight-talking, clever, and slightly twisted (I admire that in a person) sense of humour of this incredibly entertaining writer.
I've made Rich Wisken Drinks, then Writes... the first blog I've bothered to add to my 'Following' list and I suggest to everyone that they pay him a visit at and have themselves a laugh. Look out for the Peugeot 206CC advert he wrote for a friend - the comment about the baby giraffe with polio had me rolling around with tears running down my face!