Sunday, 10 November 2013

Superstars and undeserved egos

The first thing I'd like to do this week is to say a big thank-you to the Met Office for their wonderful weather forecast on Friday which made it quite clear that I wouldn't be needing my waterproofs for the journey to and from work. Obviously I only have myself to blame for actually believing anything the Met Office say. There's something very special about riding a motorcycle with your scrotum being gently marinaded in a pool of cold water.
 No such inconveniences for the guys in MotoGP today as Marc Marquez clinched the world championship - the youngest ever rider to do so. What an absolute star!

At least I still get to watch the MotoGP thanks to BBC iPlayer, and the other evening I witnessed something that only served to confirm that the very worst of television programmes has to be seen to be believed and gave me assurance that doing away with the TV aerial and licence was one of the best things I've ever done.
It's bad enough at this time of year when every time you turn on the telly there's someone trying to convince you that you need a new sofa in time for Christmas, but having gone for so long believing that Big Brother, X-Factor, and Strictly Come Dancing were the bottom of the barrel in lobotomy TV, I've discovered a whole new low.
Perusing the 'recently added' listings on LoveFilm in search of something new to watch, we spotted something called 'Jersey Shore'.
I have the distinct feeling that many American readers will at this point be rolling their eyes in despair, and rightly so. This programme features the very worst examples of the human animal. People who quite frankly give rise to the suspicion that at the time of their birth the doctors in the maternity ward accidentally threw away the wrong bit. People who's perfect sexual partner would certainly be themselves because I've never seen or heard such prime examples of manic narcissism in my life. I've met many egotistical dip-shits who think far more of themselves than anyone else does, but these self-obsessed excuses for human beings take it to a whole new level.
Needless to say we had to switch it off before many minutes had passed as I didn't want to have to resort to throwing things at the nice new telly - it wouldn't have looked good on the insurance claim form.
So although getting rid of live TV enabled us to live a life with significantly less intrusion from the ever-present world of bullshit, it still managed to sneakily find a way of inflicting itself upon us.
Luckily there's always alcohol to round off life's sharp corners.... 
Marc Marquez - we are not worthy.
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