Sunday, 25 August 2013

Life's great mysteries Part 1

I'm compiling a list of the great questions that life leaves us with.
I'm not talking about silly stuff like "what is dark matter", or "how do we mine precious metals from asteroids", I'm talking about the questions that arise in everyday life. I'm keen to get comments on these things so just go nuts, right? Maybe between us we can compile the ultimate guide to surviving life!

1. If moths love light so much, why don't we see them during the day rather than when they're annoying us by headbutting the TV at night?

2. What makes a person wear socks with sandals?

3. If you remove a teenager's earphones, will they cease to function?

4. If God is good why are so many killed in his name?

5. Why won't magazines be honest about what people REALLY look like?

6. At what point did newspaper stop being a valid wrapping for fish & chips?

7. Why was it necessary to rename 'Marathon' to 'Snickers'?

8a. What exactly is in kebab meat?
8b. Do I really want to know?

9. Why did The A-Team never manage to hit anyone they shot at despite being trained soldiers?

10. Why do so many people obsess about so-called 'celebrities'.

11. What are the words to any song by Dexy's Midnight Runners?

12. What is it about an Audi that turns the most mild-mannered individual into an arrogant tosser?

13. What is Top Gear actually about these days?

14. Why does Coca-Cola still need to spend millions on advertising?

15. Is that rusty old Ford Fiesta really 'powered by fairy dust'?

16. Chris Evans. Why?

17. What makes some women think that boob implants, collagen lips, tattoos and botox look good?

18. Was Skrillex the result of a drunken bet?

19. Did 'Captain Pugwash' really contain characters called 'Seaman Stains' and 'Master Bates'?

20. What are wasps actually for?

To be continued...........later.........maybe.........