Sunday, 14 July 2013

Wanted: Positive mental attitude

Looking back over the past posts on this blog I can see what a negative view I have of the world. Not that I needed the blog to tell me that, but it does show how all-consuming negative thoughts can be. It's almost as if I find it easier to be down on life and only focus on the crappy aspects, rather than embracing all the good stuff and letting the crap wash over me.
The wife and I have been discussing this problem, because we both have a similar outlook which doesn't help matters. This means the boy has grown up with negative parents and is consequently already a fully-fledged Victor Meldrew at only fifteen.
This has to stop. We've made an agreement to make a monumental effort to stop being miserable grumbly world-weary old buggers, and to try and develop a positive mental attitude. And boy have we got our work cut out.
After all, how can you undo years of programming that has taught you that the world's a shitty place with no justice, where nothing works as it should and every other person is out to shaft you in some way? A world of stupidity, violence, arrogance, celebrity worship and narcissism.
I honestly don't know, but I owe it to myself and those around me to try my hardest to break this thought process down and rebuild it in a positive manner which could enable me to bring life's good stuff to the foreground, sweeping the rubbish into the shadows.

So perhaps the first stage of this process can be a change in format of this blog. To ensure that I write something positive and (god forbid) uplifting, it will be necessary to spend time contemplating life in a rather different manner; sifting through memories of the week's drudgery to separate the wheat from the chaff, picking out the good things and chucking the rest into the mental incinerator so it can't be dwelt upon at a later date to drag me down again.
Obviously this will take time, but henceforth I'm determined to only write happy stuff.
I want to have a positive mental attitude, a smile instead of a frown, spend more time being creative, and occasionally buy different biscuits from custard creams.
I want to find my happy place, and you're more than welcome to accompany me on the journey.
Who knows, it might be fun...