Saturday, 27 July 2013

Burning rubber and finding liberation

It's funny how life has it's ups and downs. My fortnight off work decided to make a grand entrance and show me who's boss by simultaneously kicking me in the 'nads and the wallet. On Monday I was just getting the 1200 Bandit out for a ride, when I spotted an enormous cut across the back tyre. Obviously it had encountered something sharp on the road last time I rode it, leaving me with a tyre that was dangerously defective despite only having been on for a couple of months and barely worn.
With the credit card 105 pounds heavier the problem was resolved, but it wasn't exactly the best way to start things off, although with the Bandit temporarily unserviceable I did have the opportunity to see if the YBR125 could cope with carrying a pillion. It rose to the challenge surprisingly well, managing to struggle up to 50mph even though the poor little bugger was loaded up with a total of 24 stone. It must have looked hilarious.

The rest of the week became an easily forgettable blur of boredom and tedium that even made the obligatory visit to Tesco to do the shopping seem entertaining. When all else fails there's always the tried and tested game of 'spot the misnomer' that you can play whilst browsing the supermarket shelves. It's very simple - just find things written on packaging that you know with absolute certainty to be untrue, such as 'easy open' on a packet of bacon. You know this is a downright lie because if you try and open the pack as instructed you end up spending five minutes trying to lift the tab in the corner with your fingernail and just when you've finally got hold of it and think you've got it beat, the bloody thing breaks off in you fingers leaving you swearing and reaching for the knife that you would have used in the first place if you hadn't been conned by the label into thinking it unnecessary.
My other favourite is 'soft scoop' on a tub of ice cream. I have never found an ice cream that lives up to this description. I do however possess an interesting assortment of bent spoons......

Things improved greatly today though. Determined not to let my time off work fly by without achieving anything worthwhile, we decided it was time for a grand day out to blow away both the cobwebs and the increasing sense of doom descending upon us.
So today we ventured forth to Santa Pod raceway to watch the drag racing, even though the weather forecast was for rain. This weekend is the Euro Mopar Nationals and we spent the day being treated to all manner of seriously quick machinery hurtling down the quarter mile in a wave of sonic ecstasy that can only be accomplished with a highly tuned V8 with open exhaust pipes.
And as the day turned out to be blazing sunshine, forcing the application of copius amounts of sun cream and hats, everything turned out well. We returned home with our ears ringing with the after effects of a symphony of gasoline, American muscle, and an extremely loud jet car. Oh, and a satisfied smile brought on by the three of us actually having spent a nice day together with no squabbling.

Admittedly, the heat had taken it's toll and when the rain finally did begin to fall this evening it was so very welcome. So welcome in fact that I ended up rolling around naked on the wet grass in the rain, soaking up the delicious coolness with a feeling of total liberation that only activities such as this can bring. Once again, life's simple pleasures win through. No matter how down you may feel, there's usually a way to lift yourself back up again, and it's all the more satisfying when it doesn't cost a penny.

The jet car 'Fire Force 3' doing a 6 second 1/4 mile, terminating at 265mph.
Completely ecologically unsound........... but who the hell cares!?!

Fire Force 3 at Santa Pod -