Tuesday, 12 March 2013

In recognition

While it's not exactly dining table subject material, the state of toilets at work is a subject that at some point is bound to raise its head, and when it does the most frequent question that comes to my mind is "Do these people leave their toilet at home in this state?".
Seriously, you sometimes wonder if there needs to be an instruction manual on the back of the door explaining how to use a bog brush, because there's clearly a fair percentage of the population who don't have a clue what it's for.
I think the situation is made worse working in a place where there are people of many different cultures, a fact that explains the occasional sight of a pair of footprints on the seat. It's also a reasonable assumption that  either some people's diet is not what it should be or there exists some kind of fetish for inserting a sprinkler attachment up the arse. Sometimes it doesn't so much require a bog brush as an industrial pressure washer and a biohazzard suit.
The individuals I feel sorry for are the cleaners that have to deal with this shit (literally) every day and get paid a paltry wage for doing so. I really believe that any kind of sanitation worker should be on a decent salary because they're doing a job that most people wouldn't want to have to do, and can you imagine the state of the country if they weren't doing these jobs? What would the place be like if the dustmen didn't collect the rubbish even for six weeks? Imagine the smell. Imagine the rats.

So as this blog has somehow now exceeded 1000 page views I'd like to celebrate by raising a toast to sanitation operatives everywhere who's undervalued job it is to prevent our country turning into a complete shit-hole.
To all those that clean our toilets, sweep our streets, pick up litter, erase graffiti, collect our rubbish, process our sewage, and in any other way improve our environment - I salute you.