Sunday, 3 March 2013

Call in the exterminators - we have a parasitic infestation

In recent months I've become increasingly subjected to calls and texts on my mobile from bastards who want me to claim compensation for this that or the other. This is a sore point. I hold today's compensation culture responsible for the decline in social responsibility that we see on a daily basis.
So many people are completely unwilling to accept responsibility for their own actions - always wanting to blame someone else for anything and everything because in their mind there is no way that anything could possibly be their fault. Especially if there's the chance of a big fat cheque.
If I'm walking along the street and trip over a joint between two paving slabs my first thoughts are "Silly bugger, should be looking where I'm going", quickly followed by "That was embarrassing, I hope nobody noticed". The last notion that would pass through my mind would be "I'm going to sue the council over that uneven slab - that'll teach them to make me trip!"
But this "It's not my fault" attitude has so permeated the collective consciousness of the population that hardly anyone is safe from the claws of the country's financial parasites.
Outdoor events, even small local ones, have had entry fees shoot up and it's purely because the insurance requirements have become ridiculous. Everyone's now so paranoid that some self-righteous tosser will fall over a guy rope holding up the marquee and sue the organisers that health and safety has taken priority over enjoyment, and all this costs money which the punters have to cover at the gate.
A well know scam of course is when someone claims compensation for 'whiplash' injuries in the case of a vehicle collision. Very handy one this because it can't be disproved by a doctor, so the claims keep on rolling in as our car insurance premiums keep climbing.
The very biggest contributor to this situation is the rise of the 'no win no fee' lawyers who seem determined to encourage people to bleed dry anyone they perceive as having wronged them in the smallest possible way, and this practice has to stop. How these bastards sleep at night is beyond me, and the same goes for anyone who thinks this is an appropriate way to conduct their lives.
The message here is simple - Take Responsibility For Your Own Actions!

And yet this is just another example of a part of society that always wants something for nothing, and here I can extend today's rant into the realms of the social spongers. Those who choose to sit on their fat tracksuited arses in front of the telly all day instead of working in the mistaken belief that the world owes them a living despite them never having contributed to it.  I'm talking about those who make a career out of popping out sprog after sprog and living off the benefits system. In America they'll give a hand-out for the first one but after that you're on your own - an idea that would put a stop to this behaviour in England where if they collect enough kids by assorted fathers they get a big house and a seven seater people carrier 'for free' (in other words paid for out of the taxes put into the system by those of us who are apparently stupid enough to actually work for a living).
The benefits system has its place and I'm certainly not saying that nobody who gets them deserves them. That would be foolish and wrong. What gets me is those who take the piss; the work-shy dregs of society who are manipulating the system under the delusion that it's their right to live this way. And all the time the system allows this to happen there will always be arseholes determined to milk it for all it's worth.
Here endeth the rant for today.
Must do something more light hearted next time....