Sunday, 4 November 2012

BS free TV

It's now been about six months since we cancelled our TV license. We notified TVL that we no longer required a license, removed the aerials and detuned the TV sets. The only things I thought I might miss were Top Gear and MotoGP, but Top Gear has so lost the plot over the last few years that it hasn't been a loss at all, and the MotoGP is better on iPlayer anyway because you can skip straight to the start of the race and you can also watch the 125 race which is often more exciting.

Now in case anyone reading this thinks I'm doing something illegal, I should point out that in the UK the law requires you to purchase a TV license to watch television programmes as they're broadcast. You do NOT need a TV license if you use your TV to watch DVDs or play video games. You also do not need one to watch streamed online content provided it is not being broadcast on TV at the same time, so services like BBC iPlayer, 4OD, Lovefilm etc do not need a license.

And why should I want one anyway? TV is bollocks. Plain and simple. I don't want a world of shouting manic depressive Londoners, Big Brother series 342, Help I used to be a celebrity give me a job, and 1001 shows about doing up houses, shoved down my throat 24/7. And don't even get me started on all the adverts. The BBC shows ads too, but they just advertise themselves. At great length.
Another thing that gets to me is all the padding. Many shows (Fifth Gear is a prime example) spend so much time telling you what's going to happen later and what they showed before the break that you just stop caring and turn it off. If they left out the ads and the padding, the one hour programme would be condensed to about 15-20 minutes.And I'm told that the ratio of content to commercials is far worse in the US. Poor buggers.

The crazy thing is, that thanks to a subscription to Lovefilm, I now watch more TV shows than ever before. And the beauty is that we can watch what we want when we want and there's no adverts.
So along with DVDs and Blurays, we can sit back in the evening with Grey's Anatomy, Lost, Only Fools & Horses, and a seemingly endless supply of other shows and films.
So why not take control of your viewing? Cut out the bullshit and stop being held to ransom by TVL for a service charge that belongs in the history books. Yes, Lovefilm has a monthly cost but at least it doesn't go towards the sickening salaries paid to people like Jonathan Ross.